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Running for his Second Life

Sikh amputee known as ‘Indian blade runner’ finds faith, friends in Oklahoma – A surgeon took one look at his injuries and sent Maj. Devender Pal Singh’s broken body to a makeshift mortuary near a battlefield… Read More

They Had A Dream Too

Fifty years after the epic “March on Washington” placed civil rights and racial discrimination on top of the national agenda in the United States, a similar, but much smaller and largely forgotten, event took place at the same time 3,600 miles away in Bristol, England… Read More

Sikhs Identifying with their Castes Fading

A recent study has reportedly revealed that not even 1% of Sikhs settled in north-eastern and southern states identify themselves with their gotras/castes/surnames. This interesting fact came to light in a study conducted for National Commission for Minorities… Read More

Sikhs Appeal for Unity

Assamese Sikhs today urged the communities fighting for separate states to eschew their demand and remain a part of the greater Assamese society. They said they had always felt proud as Assamese Sikhs, a unique identity developed through a long assimilation… Read More

Potent Memories From a Divided India

Growing up, Guneeta Singh Bhalla heard a terrifying story from her grandmother. In August 1947, as British India was being partitioned into independent India and Pakistan, her grandmother fled Lahore, in what was soon to become Pakistan, for Amritsar… Read More

Desecration of Sikh Holy Book

KARACHI: The Pakistan Sikh Council on Tuesday called on the government and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of growing incidents of desecration of their holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, in various parts of Sindh… Read More

A Life is a Life

In the aftermath of shooting rampages in Colorado, Virginia and elsewhere, victims’ families have clashed over how to distribute money donated by well-wishers. But after a gunman killed six worshippers at a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple last year.. Read More