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Religious Affairs of the Sikhs are their Own

Govt., Judicial interference in Sikh religious affairs is unacceptable – From the outset I want to make one thing very clear: I have tremendous regard and respect for the Indian judiciary. I consider the judiciary one of the strongest pillars of our democracy… Read More

Loyal India by Elizabeth Weigler

The first in a 3 part series. Experiences and Perceptions of Sepoys and Sowars Serving on the Western Front during the Great War – Great Britain declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914 shortly after the German invasion of Belgium. Almost immediately thereafter, with the support of the native governing bodies and peoples of India… Read More

Let’s Celebrate Banda Bahadur Legacy Together

I am not making an outrageous statement when I say that Sikhism is at the crossroads. The religion is facing assault from internal and external forces. Its very basics are being challenged and identity questioned. In this dismal scenario it has not come as surprise that Sikhs are slowly forgetting… Read More