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Delhi whiz Ajay Banga becomes MasterCard CEO

An entirely India-educated financial pundit climbed a world corporate pinnacle on Monday with MasterCard Inc, the Banga will take over the top position from current CEO Robert Selander on July 1, only ten months after being hired from CitiGroup as a potential successor… Read More

Sikh Odyssey – A Trivia Game

The game is about the Sikh journey, hence the name of the game: “Sikh Odyssey”. It is in the form of a trivia game. It includes 540 questions, answers and facts about the Sikh religion and Punjab. This game has something for everyone; it has simple questions for children and some interesting questions for adult’s as well…Read More

Sardar Tujhe Salaam

Nothing has saddened me more in recent times as the brutal slaying of the two Sikhs by the Taliban and their subsequent vicious gesture of sending the mutilated bodies to a gurudwara in Pakistan. Sikhs have always been a part of my life from the time I was growing up in a cosmopolitan town…
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The Sikholars Conference – A Huge Success

This past weekend was the first annual Sikholars: Sikh Graduate Student Conference. From Toronto and Vancouver, from New York and Boston, some leading young researchers converged upon Stanford University.
Beginning with the topic of the scholar in Sikhi… Read More