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Class of 2010: Children of Destiny

This time of the year (May to August), all over the globe, is an important land mark for young people and for their families, friends and peers. Thousands of young persons graduate from High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical and Professional colleges and institutes. They all are happy to have achieved a land mark in their lives… Read More

Raising Our Voices: In the Indian Parliament

25 years ago in Delhi, the Capital of India, a great cruelty was done on the Sikhs. But the greatest amazing fact is that it happened in broad day light. During the times of Nadar Shah, for three days, a massacre took place in Delhi and then next it was in the year 1984 when it was repeated. People remember Nadar Shah till date…. Read More

Music of our Gurus: Gurmat Sangeet by Dr. Hakam Singh

Gurmat Sangeet, also popularly known among Sikhs as Kirtan, is the singing of hymns from the Sikh Scriptures according to the rules prescribed in the Sikh Scripture, Shri Guru Granth Sahib (“SGGS”). The rules prescribed for singing of any particular hymn include the musical measure (Raga) and the rhythm (Tala or Ghar?)… Read More

Delhi whiz Ajay Banga becomes MasterCard CEO

An entirely India-educated financial pundit climbed a world corporate pinnacle on Monday with MasterCard Inc, the Banga will take over the top position from current CEO Robert Selander on July 1, only ten months after being hired from CitiGroup as a potential successor… Read More

Sikh Odyssey – A Trivia Game

The game is about the Sikh journey, hence the name of the game: “Sikh Odyssey”. It is in the form of a trivia game. It includes 540 questions, answers and facts about the Sikh religion and Punjab. This game has something for everyone; it has simple questions for children and some interesting questions for adult’s as well…Read More