Category: Sikh Arts & Heritage

Shockingly Modern

Every artistic movement needs a Romantic hero a precociously gifted individual who lives by different rules, paints or writes or sculpts outrageously well, and dies at a shockingly young age. Sher-Gil is modern Indian art’s great Romantic… Read More

Birth Stories of the Guru

Recitation of Janamsakhis or birth stories of the Guru and imbibing their message is an integral part of the Sikh’s life. Merely listening to a Janamsakhi — which is the narrative of Guru Nanak’s life… Read More

Barah Maha – 2013 Sikh Fine Art Calendar

“Inniji, this is Sonia from the Sikh Foundation. I am hoping that you would be willing to review our 2013 calendar.” I hesitate. She senses my hesitation. “Just look at it, before you decide,” she tactfully says. The calendar arrives. I’m awe-struck. I find myself turning each page with reverence… Read More

Virasat-E-Khalsa Visited

Virasat e Khalsa Heritage Complex is conceived as a repository of the rich heritage of the Khalsa, showcasing the history and culture of Sikhs and their homeland enshrining the eternal message of Guru’s… Read More