Category: Sikh Arts & Heritage

Maru by Amardeep Singh

Maru is a word representing sandy areas of Thar desert in Marwar (Rajasthan, India). This region experiences high wind velocities, shifting sand dunes, absence of water and salinity, posing a challenge for sustained human living… Read More

Parivar Vichora

This water sculpture design composition is inspired by the historical event of the crossing of the Sarsa Nadi by Guru Gobind Singh with his family and other followers after they left the Anandpur Sahib. Courtesy: Sonia Dhami design composition… Read More

The Valiant Ones

Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jujhar Singh, Baba Zoravar Singh & Baba Fateh Singh – these names are reverently preserved in Sikh memory and are recalled every time Sikh ardas or prayer of supplication is recited… Read More