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On Being a Sikh by Nirvikar Singh

As a schoolboy, I remember being very impressed that the word “Sikh” means “student” or “disciple.” The idea that we were Sikhs of the Guru, and that the Guru’s word was an essential guide to living, to be studied and understood, was very strong in my household, as in those of a multitude of Sikhs. There was always a space set aside in our house for the Guru Granth Sahib, and my parents…Read More

Reshaping Ivory Towers into Towers of Learning: A Lay Perspective by Dr. I.J. Singh

Sikhi has been around for over half a millennium and, like people of many other faiths, Sikhs, too, are people of a book. It seems self evident then that the intellectual process cannot be divorced from the pursuit of Sikhi.

In our existence now in a global village the needs of an ongoing dialogue with our non-Sikh neighbors mandates elaboration of Sikh history and tradition…Read More

My Unforgettable Experiences Related to the Field of Sikh Studies by Prof. Pashaura Singh

This personal narrative owes its inspiration to Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany who is internationally acclaimed as “the father of fiber optics.” Being the Chairman of Sikh Foundation he is the moving force behind the endowment of Chairs in Sikh and Punjabi Studies at various campuses in the University of California system. He encouraged me to pen down my experiences while working in the newly emerging field of Sikh Studies in the western academia…Read More