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The Resourceful Fakirs

Under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Punjab was welded for the first and only time in its tumultuous history into a unified kingdom. The Resourceful Fakirs traces the history of this colourful period in an original and intriguing way… Read More

The Olympic Medal

Reviewed by Prabhjot Singh – An Olympic Medal: The Colonel’s Deadly Scoop. An Autobiog-raphy of Colonel Balbir Singh. – One of reasons India has lost its supremacy in hockey is its failure to keep pace with the changes.. read More

Savage Harvest – Stories of Partition

Bureaucrat and author Navtej Sarna has a gift of words. This time around, it is an English translation of Punjabi stories based on Partition. It couldn’t have been an easy switch after shuttling the landscapes of Geneva, Shimla… Read More

Jews, Confucians and Protestants

Mr. Harrison directed USAID Mission in five Latin American Countries, after retirement was at Harvard University for eight years, then taught at Tufts University and inaugurated the Cultural Change Institute. His first hand experience in the field inspired him… Read More