Spot 5 Differences – Kapany Collection 1-3

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Flash game so a PC is Required
Select an image, and find the 5 differences on the right side!. The images for these puzzles are from the Kapany Collection
We hope you enjoy!

Guru Nanak’s meeting with Mardana’s son, from a manuscript of the Janam Sakhi (Life Stories), 1800-1900. Pakistan; Lahore. Manuscript page, opaque watercolors on paper.

Gift of the Kapany Collection, 1998.58.40. © Asian Art Museum. Used by permission.

Guru Nanak’s disciple and loyal companion Mardana is said to have died in the course of their travels. According to some versions of the Life Stories, when Guru Nanak returned to his village he personally went to Mardana’s family to inform and console them. He is also said to made Mardana’s son his personal musician in place of his father.

Guru Nanak is shown consoling Mardana’s grieving son in the foreground of this painting, while a pastoral scene of village life is shown in the background.

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