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This puzzles has 12 pieces – Click here for 25 pieces

Some versions of the Janam Sakhi contain an episode in which one day, Nanak as a youth was asleep on the ground under a tree in his village. As the local ruler and his men were passing by in the afternoon, they noticed that, while all shadows had lengthened and shifted eastward, the shade of that particular tree stood still over the sleeping Nanak. Coming closer, they saw that the guru was being protected from the sun not by a tree but by the hood of a cobra. The ruler was so impressed by this miracle that he became Guru Nanak’s devotee.

Guru Nanak and the cobra are depicted in this painting at the top left, and the ruler and an attendant with whom he speaks are shown at the bottom. A herd of cows sitting calmly near the sleeping guru and ignoring the snake serve to emphasize the miraculous nature of this incident.


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