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This puzzles has 12 pieces – Click here for 25 pieces

The accounts of Guru Nanak’s life describe five journeys that he took-east, south, and north in India, and west to Mecca and Baghdad. Although there is little historical evidence to verify his visits to these sites, they feature prominently in the Life Stories literature.

Several versions of Guru Nanak’s encounters with Muslim clerics are reported, and one popular story describes the occasion when the guru was chastised by a Muslim holy man for sleeping with his feet toward the Ka’aba, the holiest of Muslim sanctuaries. Guru Nanak’s response-“Show me where God is not present so I may point my feet that way”-revealed his penetrating wisdom.

Identified by his halo, the guru is shown in conversation with two Muslim clerics in this painting. An interesting feature of this painting is the artist’s imagined rendering of the Ka’aba-in reality, a cube-shaped structure made of brick and covered with a black cloth-as a mosque with domes and minarets. The black rock (hajr-e aswad) set into the Ka’aba is also misunderstood by the artists, who had likely only heard of its descriptions. It is shown here in the form of the linga, a symbol of the Hindu god Shiva.

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