Puzzles – Satinder Kaur Kapany Gallery 4-4 12 piece

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Flash Based Game – PC Only
This puzzles has 12 pieces – Click here for 25 pieces

The accounts of Guru Nanak’s life describe his travels to religious sites in India and west toward Mecca and Baghdad accompanied by his faithful companion Mardana.

At one point during Guru Nanak’s travels in India, Mardana complained of fatigue and hunger. The guru gave Mardana a stone that he had picked up in the jungle and asked Mardana to sell it and with the proceeds buy what he needed. Despite Mardana’s efforts, no merchant wanted to accept the stone because it was worthless. Finally, Mardana came to the jeweler Salas Rai, who was spellbound on recognizing it as a priceless jewel. He asked to meet its owner, and subsequently became the guru’s disciple.

This painting appears to be set in Salas Rai’s palatial home, mentioned in some versions of the Life Stories. Architecture is used to frame the figures of the haloed Guru Nanak, the jeweler, and Mardana for pictorial emphasis.

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