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Music, and religious poetry put to music-especially to the rabab, a stringed instrument-is an important component of Sikh ritual and worship. Guru Nanak’s faithful companion Mardana was a musician and a rabab player, and his search for the best rabab is recounted in some of the Janam Sakhi. According to one version, after considerable fruitless search for an appropriate instrument, Guru Nanak sent Mardana to the house of Firanda, a carpenter and accomplished musician.

Firanda presented a special rabab to Guru Nanak that produced a melody in praise of the divine. Guru Nanak, identifiable by his halo, is shown here seated at the right, engaged in conversation with Firanda and Mardana. The rabab, the key object in this story, is featured in the center of the painting.

Another version of this story is less miraculous, and instead emphasizes the guru’s influence and reputation. According to this version, Mardana, looking to replace his own worn-out instrument found a fine example with the artisan Firanda. When Firanda learned whom the rabab is for, he asked for the opportunity to meet the guru instead of being paid with money.

These two versions of the story are an example of the ways in which oral traditions are inherently flexible.

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