5 Young Sikh Artists For You To Meet – Update: A Success!

Sikh Authors Speak

Young Sikh Artists totally immersed us in Awesome Sikh Talent. Shivpreet opened with melodious shabad “Chamkan Tare” and had the audience singing along, Sanya’s mime enthralled the audience and left them certainly more appreciative and open to different art traditions, Vikram – the “Amasingh Magician” not only entertained us with his new show “The Veil of Illusion” but also got us thinking about the “illusionary world of Maya” , The Bhasin Duo= Amrita & Karan Bhasin not only shared stories from the making of “Basketball Singh” but also inspired us through their poems “Warrior” & “Fighters for the Light” and finally ISHMEET – what a powerful voice. She sang “Mitti da bawa” which sent goosebumps up everyones arms.

Meeta adroitly moderated the whole show asking, probing and urging the artists to share with the audience.

All of these artists are our cultural ambassadors to the world at large. Their art transcends the barriers of race, ethnicity, color and even language. The Sikh Foundation is proud to celebrate them.

Our detailed writeup on the event will be updated here shortly.

Looking for Magic! ~ Love to sing & dance! ~ Enjoy thrilling films!

The Sikh Foundation has just the event for you.

5 Young Sikh Artists will join us for an afternoon of “Engaging Conversations & Thrilling Performances”.

While the artists will definitely “entertain” you, their conversations with Ms. Meeta Kaur will “inspire” you.

Our young artists -Vikram Singh Khalsa, Ishmeet Narula, Amrita & Karan Bhasin, Sanya Bhavi Vohra & Shivpreet Singh will be engaged in a insightful conversation by Meeta Kaur.

This session on 6th Dec. 2014 will be from 11am -2pm at the Khalsa School San Jose Library Hall. We are thankful to the Guru Nanak Khalsa School for their forthcoming help and support for this event. – View the flyer here!

5 Young Sikh Artists For You To Meet

Vikram Singh Khalsa: Come meet Vikram aka the “Amasingh” magician! This young Sikh American is an inventor, artist, and engineer who is passionate about sharing Sikhi with the world. The multi-talented Vikram has created beautiful original artwork, plays wonderful music at kirtans, and also is able to pursue his appetite for invention. A man of many skills, his magic shows continue to amaze and captivate his audience. He has over 10 years of experience with magic, starting at about 8 years of age. You can catch him doing magic for people by request almost everywhere he goes. This young illusionist will truly blow your mind. We are so excited and grateful to have him with us for our Young Sikh Artists event. We hope you look forward to meeting him as much as we do! Can’t wait to see you there.

To find out some more information about Vikram, visit his great websites: www.vikramkhalsa.com & www.amasingh.com.

5 Young Sikh Artists For You To Meet

Ishmeet Narula: Passionate about music? Born in India, Ishmeet Narula is a classically trained musician who loves to experiment with sound, melody, and voice texture. Her beautiful voice and trend-breaking style have captured the hearts of many internationally. Her singing is deeply cherished by fans across the world. A veteran of the ZeeTV SAREGAMAPA show, she has performed in shows all over the globe including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. She enjoys spending her time as an RJ, writing lyrics, and doing community work in the Bay Area.

For a quick listen, do check out her music and video pages and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. To buy some music, you can find some of the gorgeous, young Sikh American’s music on iTunes. We feel so lucky to have such a presence joining us for our event on Young Sikh Americans. Come join us to learn more about her!

5 Young Sikh Artists For You To Meet

Sanya Bhavi Vohra: Aspiring dancer? Come to the Sikh Foundation’s Young Sikh Artists event to learn more about this gorgeous, intelligent UC Berkeley graduate. She is an accomplished Bharatanatyam and Bhangra dancer who is very passionate about working with younger generations and underprivileged members of the community. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular and Cell Biology, she is pursuing a career in healthcare. We are so excited to meet and learn more about Sanya and her many talents. We look forward to seeing you there!

5 Young Sikh Artists For You To Meet

Amrita & Karan Bhasin: This sister-brother duo teamed up together to create the film “Basketball Singh”. “Basketball Singh” is an award-winning film at the 2014 Sikhnet Film Festival. They decided to produce this film in order to demonstrate to parents and children that it is possible to strike a healthy balance between religious and familial expectations, and mainstream activities – a topic very relevant to young Sikh Americans. The film shows a young Sikh boy who has a conflict between his basketball practices and Punjabi and Khalsa school classes. He also encounters discouragement from his friends and the media regarding whether or not it is possible to play basketball while wearing a turban. The boy shows uncommon courage in pursuing his dreams, and the film sends a great message out to the Sikh American youth. We are so looking forward to having these gorgeous siblings with us for our December 6th event! Hope to see you there.

5 Young Sikh Artists For You To Meet

Shivpreet Singh: Love to sing? Come meet Shivpreet Singh! He is a leading New Age musician in the United States, and ranks in the top 5 in the US on Reverbnation charts. He is trained in both Indian classical music and Western composition. His work blends the legacy of centuries of Indian classical music from the Banaras Gharana with modern instrumentation and harmonic elements from popular Western music. A fun fact about Shiv is that he is the first South Asian musician to land a major record deal! His compositions have been downloaded and streamed over a quarter million times online. To find out more about Shivpreet Singh, join us for our exciting event on December 6th! We can’t wait to see you there.


Please join us at exciting event. Details are in the flyer here and updates will be regularly posted on our Facebook Page.
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