It looks like we are back to our roots: Shergarh Fort-Pakistan

By : Musa Yuri
Translated by Miqdad Husen

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Sher Garh fort, in the district of Mansehra in Pakistan witnessed battles between Sikhs and Muslims for two centuries.

However this fort where Muslims and Sikhs fought battles in the past, few days ago Muslims of this area hosted the Sikh community from abroad.

This fort is located at 40 km North West of Ogi, the sub district of Mansehra. It was built by Hari Singh Nalwa the general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Dewan Bhawani Das , after they conquered Kashmir in 1819.

It looks like we are back to our roots: Shergarh Fort-PakistanJahandad Khan explains that this fort is not only the Muslims but also heritage of the Sikhs.

Sikh left long time ago. Now this fort is taken care of by Tanoli tribe.

Jahandad from Tanoli tribe said about the importance of the fort and that it was built to safe guard Kashmir from the forces of Afghanistan.

According to Jahandad this area was under the influence of two rivals. In the west it was the Durrani Kings, while in the east Ranjit Singh was expanding his rule west word in Punjab.

Jahandad says between 1824 and 1844 Tanoli Sardar Painda Khan Tanoli attacked Sher Garh 17 times and eventually captured Sher Garh.

This year it is the 200th anniversary of the fort. On this occasion Jahandad Khan invited Sikhs from different countries. He said the scholars who research Sikh history, come often to this fort. He said Sikh guests visit to this area is important not only for Sikh community itself but also the people of this area and the people of both nations.

He emphasizes the communication among people. We are glad that Sikh community from USA and Singapore came to see this fort. This is not only our heritage but heritage of both the nations.

He said we live in 21st century. All those battles were fought two hundred years ago. The realty of today is different. The reality is more tourists are good to Pakistan and good for the people of this area and this city.

Sikh guests stay at the fort was brief. They enjoyed the life style of their rulers in the past. It was a unique experience.

Vinender Kaur from Singapore was also among the guests. She said it seems like we are back to our roots.

She also said we read a lot about Hari Singh Nalwa in history. We got lots of information from Jahandad Khan; on our visit here, as if we are seeing Hari Singh Nalwa at present.

Shergarh Fort


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