Punjab Division will Lead to Disintegration of Pakistan – Nazeer Kahut

Worth watching. How dialects of Punjabi have been used to divide Punjab. A perspective from the Punjabi Muslims of Pakistan. Who are now facing the same challenges regarding Punjabi in Pakistan.

Bilatakalluf with Tahir Gora – Episode 83 The host: Tahir A. Gora The Guest: Nazeer Kahut



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1 Response

  1. Jessi Sambhi says:

    Beautifully put up by Nazeer kahut Sahib, we as punjabis have to gather on this subject to save the language. All the elites and educated of both Punjabs ( East and West) and from other foreign countries. We have to to something about the (LIPI)Alphabets, as Most of non-sikhs do not like to use GURMUKHI as a LIPI, they think that this is only the language of Sikhs; which is totally wrong, west Punjab uses the Shahmukhi; which is originally Arabic and Farsi script……..

    The Sikh Guru Angad Dev gave the Punjabi language the first and only Script as far as we know. This made the Hindus and Muslim think twice as they think it belongs to Sikhs only as it came from Sikh Guru………….
    We can even have 2 scripts, as long as we can save this beautiful language of Bulle Shah, Waris Shah, Bahu, Dhani Ram Chatrik, Guru Nanak, Baba Farid and so many more great poets of Punjab.
    We as Punjabis have to get away from the communal-ism, religion, creed and save the Punjabi culture and language. Inshallah, Waheguru, God Bless us all with wisdom to overcome this sad and bad period of of Punjab