12-15-12 – The Best Photos of the Week

The Best Photos of the Week! Images that inspired, impacted and entertained us.
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1 Response

  1. jetty Singh says:

    i am really proud of our MARSHAL OF THE AIR FORCE, SARDAR ARJAN SINGH DFC. When i wrote a poem on ‘HONOUR’… i must have had him in my mind….and aptly and humbly..i dedicated it to him…


    Human without Honour
    Lives like a corpse
    It talks eats walks
    Has No Life’s Spark
    Nor Vital Force….

    Dedicated in all humility to
    Marshal of The Indian Air Force
    Honourable Sardar Arjan Singh DFC
    Warrior of a Towering Height, A Perfect Sikh
    and a very kind Soul

    jetty Singh