Being & Becoming a Sikh


This is Dr. I.J. Singh’s third book of essays on the issues facing Sikhs in the Diaspora.

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This collection of new essays once again challenge and stimulate, and will inevitably provoke thought and discussion-which is the very path of Sikhism.

With 25 Million Sikhs living in every corner of the globe-more than a million of whom call North America their home- new questions arise with predictable frequency and demand a new perspective of age-old truths.

I.J. Singh stands outside two solitudes, East and West. Himself as a product and citizen of the Diaspora-born in India but having spent most of his life in the United States-he invites us into his personal struggles and the thought processes that flow from them. We may or may not agree with the answers, but in the process of walking with him, we learn how to seek and how to find our own answers. Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike will find this latest volume, as they did its two predecessors of immense value as an insight into the riches of Sikhism.”