Style of the Lion: The Sikhs


A glimpse into the whys and hows of the Sikh style!
Designed by Teresa Singh

A hard cover, full color book with more than 250 photographs.

In English with Gurmukhi

ISBN: 0-9660942-0-4

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As humans we seek happiness through four paths. The first path is through our senses: healthful food, exercise, music, physical pleasure…… also, drugs, self-mutilation and gluttony.

The second involves our intellect: reading and writing books, solving complex problems………also pursuing ideas to denigrate others.

Fame and fortune in society encompass the third path: nursing the sick and poor, educating others, preserving the environment………also creating conflict in the name of race, skin, color or gender.

These first three paths are the paths of duality, the world is separated into me and you. There is a fourth path where the me-you separateness disappears. Here, the individual is in resonance with the workings of the Creator. This path produces everlasting bliss.

How does one balance one’s life among these four paths? God-Vaheguru (Wondrous Guru) for the Sikh-is Truth (Satnam) itself. The Sikh above all should be a seeker of Truth not a follower of mere dogma.

This book provides a glimpse of the Sikh view. Although the imagery used in this book is primarily of the male, the Sikh style has equal validity for men and women.

Reader Reviews

What readers are saying about Style of the Lion: The Sikhs:

* S. Khushwant Singh, Legendary Author, Expert on Sikh History, New Delhi, India “”Written in a popular style with appropriate choice of shabads…I will recommend it for purchase…for the 300th anniversary of the Khalsa.””

* Dr. Eleanor Nesbitt, Social anthropologist, School of Education, University of Warwick, UK “”What a lovely book! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and fresh approach…congratulations…I will make sure that it is reviewed and brought to people’s notice.””

* Dr. J.M. Hinckley, President, Hinckley Research, Kalamazoo, Michigan “”…enjoyed it very much, and find the Sikh prinicples to be very much like my own, somewhat to my surprise. The book is a real work of art.””

* Prof. A.S. Sethi, Professor, University of Ottawa, Author of numerous books on Sikhism “”Congratulations! I was delighted to read your book, Style of the Lion: The Sikhs

* Dr. Kuldip Singh, President, Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, India Style of the Lion: The Sikhs “”should be in every school, college, university and Public library of every country where Sikhs are present.””

* Dr. Margaret Durant, Principal, Martin Luther King Elementary School, Ann Arbor, Michigan “”This is the most beautiful book I have seen in my entire life! I have placed it in our library.””

* Dr. Gerald Witt, Director, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Washington, D.C. “”The high graphics arts quality of the book immediately drew me inside. Then, the warm, conversational, but informative narrative style took over and held my attention.””

* Dr. Pashaura Singh, Professor of Sikh Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor “”This unique approach to Sikhism will be particularly attractive for young Sikhs growing up in the West. The use of beautiful pictures with key shabads and Sikh concepts is wonderful. I like the coverage of Sikhs, from a highly decorated general to a simple farmer.””

* Dr. P.S. Sahni, Project Year 2000, AT&T, New Jersey “”This book will not only be important for Sikhs, but also for non-Sikhs who wish to get a balanced view of Sikhism. The art is wonderful. I congratulate you on this outstanding piece of work.””

* Mrs. Marge Rutila, Librarian, Martin Luther King Elementary School, Ann Arbor, Michigan “”…a beautifully-styled book which offers a rare view into the Sikh culture… I am honored to put it into our library.””

* University Students across the U.S.A. “…a unique book which does not sound preachy; very relevant to modern issues …the photographs are just beautiful and will be great for children and youth…what a positive book…”