It’s Just a Calendar – Or Is It?

Review by Meeta Kaur

I have to admit when I first received the Sikh Foundation 2016 calendar I thought to myself, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a calendar. We will hang it on the wall, and forget about it.” Sonia Dhami, The Sikh Foundation Director encouraged me to leaf through it, see what it was about. So I did.

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I decided to look at it at the beginning of a family vacation. My mind was free of distractions, so I could absorb the information presented. It’s a compilation of compelling visual art, historical facts, artist techniques, and spiritual reverence that sneaks up on you. Not in a flashy ostentatious way, but a subtler more experiential sort of way. In looking through the calendar, I found myself standing a little taller as a Kaur. And inspired to re-visit periods of Sikh history with my children. It also motivated me to find more Sikh art for our household. The compilation does not focus on one type of artistic medium, but pulls from a variety of mediums. This keeps the conversation going with the viewer. It’s not just a calendar, but an opportunity to connect to who we are as a people through specific and identified moments of our timeless history.

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