Preview the 2016 Fine Art Calendar “Sikh Art Up Close”

This collection of magnificent artworks is an introduction to the world and history of Sikh Art. Featuring a never before exhibited Kerman wall carpet, a delightful watercolor of Bhai Vir Singh, an exquisite 18th century oil painting of the Golden Temple, deadly weapons, Sikh coins & stamps, this engaging calendar gives viewers an up close look at these extraordinary works of Sikh Art.

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Click Here to Pre-Order!

Additionally, each month, will take the viewer, on a search for the details hidden in this selection of 12 outstanding artworks. Take time to explore each picture, each object, and find all its hidden details. Look at the small cutouts featuring magnified sections of the artworks and find these details in the full picture. Alongside the artwork you can read the fascinating stories of each work of art and its artist. Experiencing this calendar is akin to taking a field trip to a world-class museum..

The calendar is priced at $10 per copy (shipping and handling extra). For orders of 100 or more calendars, we offer FREE custom printing of your/business name. This would be 2 lines of text, in a one-inch strip at the bottom of the front cover as well as on the December page. The pages in between are cut shorter so that your name is visible all year around.The calendar size is15.5" wide and 23.5" high, printed on glossy art paper.

They will be shipped to you in November 2015.

To avail of this elegant gift idea with a wealth of information about Sikh heritage, please contact us at the quantities you would like to reserve and the text you would like printed by Aug.1st 2015.

We look forward to having your support for the Sikh Foundation and its efforts towards the preservation and promotion of Sikh arts & heritage.

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