The Gurus – Living the Sikh Teachings – Sikh Fine Art Calendar 2015

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It is with pleasure that we invite you to preview the 2015 “The Gurus – Living the Sikh Teachings”, Sikh Fine Art Calendar showcasing the delightful art of renowned artist Devender Singh.

The Sikh Gurus imparted universal messages of righteous living, equality, education, rights of women, humility, service, prayer & standing up for the rights of all. They did not just preach these messages but also adhered to these principles in their own lives. The 12 elegant paintings featured in this calendar, portray episodes from the lives of each of the 10 Gurus. These episodes conform to the main teachings of the Guru and inspire us to follow their example.

The calendar is priced at $10 per copy (shipping & handling extra).

For orders of 100 or more calendars, we offer FREE custom printing of your/business name. This would be 2 lines of text, in a one-inch strip at the bottom of the front cover as well as on the December page. The pages in between are cut shorter so that your name is visible all year round.

Your confirmations along with the text to be printed should reach us latest by the 15th of July 2014.

Please note: The 2015 Calendar will be added to our store for regular pre-orders once the customer ordering is done!

Pre-Orders are open now in our store! Click here to order yours!

The calendars would be shipped to you in November 2014.

As before, the calendar is of outstanding quality, with a size of 15.5” wide and 23.5” high printed on glossy art paper and individually packed in cellophane covers.

To avail of this elegant gift idea of lasting beauty, please send us the quantities you would like to reserve If you would like to have your custom text printed please let us know latest by 15th July 2014.

We look forward to having your support for the Sikh Foundation and its efforts towards the preservation and promotion of Sikh Arts & Heritage.

For more information and details please contact Mr. Sukhvinder Singh at the Sikh Foundation office at 650 494 7454 or email is at


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