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By Jasmine Kaur

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I was thrilled to receive the much awaited, Volume 4 and 5 of beautifully illustrated, bilingual board books, Fascinating Folktales of Punjab. Now that my twins were older than when the first three volumes had come out the stories made for more of a conversation piece than a reading story. Both books introduced the kids to lots of new vocabulary and important life lessons, that are an inseparable part of these stories, in a fun way.

Jatt Te Ghughi (The Farmer and the Dove) introduced several vocations, weather words and words for different times of the days while Bhukharr Keerree (The Very Hungry Ant) introduced the little ones to numbers, animals and colors beyond your regular laal, peela, neela. These books give the reader and the child the opportunity to interact with each other while looking at the colorful images.

The Very Hungry Ant is a great story that can be performed by a Khalsa School class as a play or even be used in the classroom or at home to learn animal sounds, which the book brings out though the conversation between the animals and the ant. The story teaches one to not be greedy beyond one’s needs. The farmer and the Dove is a great conversation starter for what farming is and what the role of the farmer is. It also shows the role of animals in nature and how they work as hard and with dedication to provide for their young as humans. Further it explores the want for freedom and justice, and the need to realize and look beyond the self.

More Fascinating Finds

All five volumes of the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab are fun to read and a necessity for your home and school bookshelf. The poetic style of each of the books helps children easily memorize the stories. My children still enjoy the first three volumes and feel motivated to pick up the other two to learn more. These books are sure to help you make a connection with Panjab- its land and culture! Read them and share them so that you can be a part of preserving these very important folktales that may be lost if they didn’t get documented.

Please read my review on the first set of books here.

About Fascinating Folktales of Punjab (

The project is dedicated to publishing high quality Punjabi folk literature for children that is fun, educational and inspiring. The project aims to connect the children to Punjabi language and Gurmukhi script from a very early age while bringing the stories that are being forgotten back to life.

Fascinating Folktales of Punjab-1,2,3,4&5 is a set of five board books created to appeal to children of all ages while preserving the ancient folk stories from Punjab, both in Punjabi and in English. This is Gurmeet Kaur’s first children’s book set.

• The five board books are printed on child-friendly, heavy, laminated art-board (7 by 7 inches), with soy-based inks.

• The ninety-two illustrated pages in rich, vibrant colors make the characters come to life.

• Each story is presented poetically and has a moral. English translation and Romanized Punjabi versions are included.

• Enriching and fun activity books are available to download and included with the purchase.



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