2017 Sikh Fine Art Calendar - The Great Sikh Misals

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It is with pleasure that we invite you to view “The Great Sikh Misals” our 2017 Sikh Fine Art Calendar, which commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Sikh Foundation.

This golden anniversary edition showcases twelve paintings of the great misal leaders of eighteenth century Punjab.

These magnificent paintings by renowned artist Devender Singh were especially commissioned to celebrate and add to the history of this eventful period.

Read more about this beautiful calendar here!

The calendar is priced at $10 per copy (shipping & handling extra).

As before, the calendar is of outstanding quality, with a size of 15.5” wide and 23.5” high printed on glossy art paper and individually packed in cellophane covers.

To avail of this elegant gift idea of lasting beauty, please send us the quantities you would like to reserve at the earliest. We look forward to having your support for the Sikh Foundation and its efforts towards the preservation and promotion of Sikh Arts & Heritage.

If you have any further questions please contact us on phone, email or fax.

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