Birds of Gurbani, Bulbul (Songbird)

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Birds of Gurbani, Bulbul (Songbird)
Gold ink on Paper
Giclee Print
12″ x 16″

“This little bird is loved and loves with immense heart. Known for its beautiful song that calls out to its beloved, the bird is equally intriguing in its form and especially the mohawk that forms on its head after enjoying the rain. While many songbirds(like the Chatrik in the lines within this piece) are referenced in Gurbani, the bulbul’s persona and significance is very intriguing. Culturally a symbol of love and joy, the Bulbul takes a special place among the Birds of Gurbani.”

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping this beautiful art piece.
About the Artist:

Rupy C. Tut is a San Francisco based Sikh visual artist who started her professional journey exploring themes of identity and displacement through her paintings. Her art depicts the decorative Mughal Miniature style and Calligraphy in English as well as Gurmukhi. Currently, her work is intertwined with Sikh-related themes as she explores the imagery evoked by Gurbani. By building on verses from the Guru Granth Sahib with visual metaphors and calligraphy, Rupy aspires to produce a visual message in addition to a linguistic one.

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