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Set of 12 unbound prints 24 x 15.5 inches, full color
Kapany Sikh Art Collection

If you purchased our Calendar 2000, you are already the proud owner of the most beautiful Sikh calendar ever produced, and the very first featuring fine art. Our calendar for 2001 was the second. Again, it is a stunning limited edition of prints from the internationally acclaimed Kapany Sikh Art Collection. It has 12 spiral-bound prints of 19th century works by artists from the Sikh royal courts, European delegations, and Punjabi populace.

This set containing 12 unbound prints are the same images that have been used in the Calendar 2001. Also the size, format and paper quality is identical to the Calendar 2001. The only difference is that unlike the calendars, the prints are not spiral bound. For ease of framing, we get these sets printed each year along with the limited edition calendars.

Relish these buried art treasures now unearthed for the modern world.

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