Guru Gobind Singh - Reflections and Offerings

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Guru Gobind Singh- A Collectors Edition
Reflections and Offerings
Author : Puran Singh
Introductory Essays by: Darshan Singh Maini, M.A., Ph.D.
Published: 1967 by The Sikh Center of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Please note that because of the mature age of these books, the bookcover might show some tear on the folds. Other than that the books are in pristine condition.

“In these Reflections and Offerings, one finds a most emphatic avowal of Puran Singh’s surrender to an intoxication with the Gurus personality.”
Prof. Puran Singh portrays Sikh tradition in its personal,mystical and devotional form;crystalizes the universality of its spirit and its applicability to the dilemmas of the modern-day strife torn impersonal civilization.

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