JAPJI – A Way To God Realisation

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Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor
Paperback, pages
Steerling Publishers, New Delhi, India
ISBN: 81-207-6221

Jap(u)ji is the master composition of Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs. The JAPJI emphasizes the three pillars of Sikhism: meditiation/prayer, honest means of living and sharing one?s prosperity and happiness with others. According to Sikh Rehat Miryada (Code of conduct), a Sikh must recite or read five prayers everyday. Three of the five are recited or read in the morning. The morning prayer includes JAPJI. This translation of the JAPJI is an attempt to demonstrate the inherent meaning of this sacred “BANI” (spiritual poetry) in both word and visuals. It endeavours to bring readers closer to God.

Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor is a graduate of London, Glasgow, Punjab and Agra Universities. As a scholar, writer and journalist, he has published numerous articles in English journals. He is also the author of 21 books on Sikh religion and history.

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