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Sat Kirin Kaur Khalsa

A perfect pattern of sound that commands the mind with rhythm, concentration and breath to give you the internal experiences of fulfillment. It is a culmination of 3000 years of spiritual devotion and yogic technology.

  1. “Jo Maangeh”…………….15:29 minutes

To bring fulfillment

  1. “Aap Sahae Hoa”…………..19:26 minutes

For overcoming addictions. Will destroy the enemies, inside & out. Eliminates the square in your life & any animosity against you. The 3 words “Har Har Har” with powerful breath at the naval can give you total mental self control.

3.   “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio”         21:48 minutes

This shabd purifies the ego and gives self esteem.

Vocal,Harmonium, Tamboura:   Sat Kirin Kaur Khalsa

Tabla:                                        Deep Singh

Chorus:                                     Guru Raj Kaur,Deva Kaur,Siri Vishnu Singh,Sat Kirin

Bamboo Flute:                           Steve Gorn

Silver Flute:                             Amar Singh

Violin:                                      Pandit Kamal Mishra


“As the rain washes away all the annoyances. So does Shabd take away all pain & smallness.”

              – Sri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

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