Sikh Canadians The promise & The Challenge

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Presented by The Macauliffe Institute of Sikh studies and TheCentennial Foundation

Duration: 12 minutes Produced by T. Sher Singh. Narrated by Monika Deol and Photography by Naresh Singh.

Canada’s Sikhs number approximately 300,000. Another quarter of a million lives in the United States. Globally Sikhs constitute the fifth largest world-religion. They come from a Diaspora that has two things in common: a shared, five centuries old monotheistic faith; and a common descent from an area called the Indus Valley, the cradle of a 6,000-year-old civilization. Sikh Canadians recently celebrated the centenary of the first Sikh settlement in Canada (1897). The re-publication of this video by The Centennial Foundation is part of its commemoration of another landmark anniversary: The Bisakhi Tercentenary (1699-1999), which marks the formation of the Khalsa Panth at Anandpur, Punjab 300 years ago. This video provides a brief overview of their first century in Canada and the vibrant faith they continue to cherish and practice into the new millennium.

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