Artist Sukhpreet Singh

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The common scenes of life as it was lived in the villages of Punjab are disappearing fast. Sukhpreet Singh has captured some of these activities on his canvas e.g the manual harvesting of wheat and cotton, the cutting of the fodder for the cattle on the hand operated ?toka machine?, the fun times enjoyed by the young boys bathing at the water pump and ridding the bullock carts to the scenes of vendors and milkman going about their trades. The first picture in the calendar is a tribute to the sacred shrine of the “Darbar Sahib’ and depicts and ?kar sewa? of cleaning the holy tank, in progress.

All the paintings featured in the calendar are original oil paintings, in the ?Mahal Collection? and done by artist Sukhpreet Singh. This calendar is sure to please each member of the family, month after month. After the year is out, the pictures can be framed and added to your collections.

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