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Published by the Sikh Foundation
For the year 2014, the theme is the masterpiece epic painting “Court of Lahore” originally painted by the Austrian artist August Schoefft in 1855. This magnificent replica is rendered by artist Sukhpreet Singh.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a famed warrior and a patron of the arts. The splendor of his court was noted by European visitors. Even though Schoefft visited the Sikh kingdom in 1841, a few years after the Maharaja’s death, he made notes, preliminary sketches and copies of other artists portraits. Adding some imagination to the mix he created this masterpiece which is today displayed in the “Princess Bamba Duleep Singh Gallery” at the “Lahore Fort Museum” in Pakistan.

This magnificent painting provides a unique pictorial chronicle of over 100 different portraits from the Sikh Court. Almost 50 characters in the painting have been identified making this painting an invaluable contribution to understanding the social & cultural heritage of the Sikhs. For all we know these are the most realistic portraits of these legends from Sikh history.

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