Sikh Shrines in Delhi

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Text by Amrik Singh.
Photographs by Sondeep Shankar.
Published by UBS Publishers and Distributors
in association with National Institute of Panjab Studies,
Paperback Full Color, 95 pages
ISBN: 817476461-5

Though Sikhs are mainly concentrated in Punjab after the partition of India in 1947, Delhi has the distinction of having the largest Sikh population in any City – nearly one million. Delhi has been associated with the Sikhs since the inception of Sikhism.

Five Sikh Gurus visited the City. There are a total of 9 historical Gurdwaras in Delhi and 1 on its border. Apart from these there are more than 100 local Gurdwaras serving the Sikh populations in every residential area of Delhi

The Sikh community in Delhi is influential and plays a vital role in the social, economic and political life of the City. The historic as well as the other Gurdwaras draw large number of crowds on a daily basis. Some of the Historic Gurdwaras are supporting many humanitarian and educational projects such as Charitable Hospitals for the needy and world class Sikh Schools for the Sikh children growing up in Delhi.

Dr. Amrik Singh, an eminent educationist and former vice-chancellor of the Punjabi University, Patiala has contributed the text and Sondeep Shankar, India’s leading photographer has provided the pictures.

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