Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab

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Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab
Authors: Paul Michael Taylor & Robert Pontsioen
Published by: The Smithsonian Institution,
Sikh Heritage Foundation, Fresno Art Museum & The Sikh Foundation
2014 ISBN: -13: 978-1-891739-90-3

The exhibition Sikhs-A Legacy of the Punjab opened at the Smithsonians’ National Museum of Natural History in 2004. Over subsequent years, the specific objects on view changed or “rotated” over time, first at the Smithsonian through 2007 then at other museums, as the exhibition travelled and its size and the number of artworks displayed expanded. At each location the exhibitor and its transformation became the subject of extensive community involvement and co-curatorship. This book uses the exhibitions organizational structure and content to present a brief , richly illustrated introduction to the Sikhs and their faith, history and art.

1. Introduction
2. Age of the Sikh Gurus
3. Guru Granth Sahib
4. The Khalsa
5. Sikh Heritage in the Punjab
6.The Practice of Sikh Faith
7.Darbar Sahib
8.Contemporary Sikh Art
9.Sikh Music

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