The Nishaan II 2013

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The Nishaan

Nagaara Trust Publication

64 full color pages


1.Horses in Sikh Lore

2.The Presidents Bodyguard

3.Sikhs and the British Army

4.The Saragarhi Challenge Cup

5.Book of the Year – The Last Sunset

6.Armies of the Sikhs

7.Sikhs as Nur Mohammad saw them


9.The Real Ranjit Singh

10.Environmental Concerns in the Guru Granth Sahib

11.Preservation & Renovation of Sikh Relics 

The magazine that the Sikh community is proud of. Good-looking, stylish and with something new to say. Full-color, great images, chic design, articles and information about what Sikhs have done and are doing, in the air, on the ground, at war, at peace, in the arts, business and sciences, on the farm, and for the needy. From a history of Anandpur Sahib to the Sikhs of New Zealand, you name it, Nishaan is on the story. Sixty pages of people, history and current affairs in your community that you never knew about.

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