The Nishaan IV 2013

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The Nagaara Trust


1. Editorial: Dr. I.J.Singh
2. Recollecting the first 72 hours of November 1984: Patwant Singh
3. A Palpable Anger: Mandira Nayar
4. November 1984 Recalled: Jaspreet Singh
5. The (Second) Battle of Laugewala: Maj Gen Atma Singh
6. Bombs over West Pakistan
7. The ‘Sadda Huq’ Controversy: Dr. I.J.Singh
8. Shastar Nam Mala: The ode to weapons as a metaphor
9. The Sikligar Sikhs: Col (Dr) Dalvinder Singh Grewal
10. Guide to Sikh History & Traditions (Part II): S. Gurdeep Singh

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