The Sikh Heritage – A Search for Totality

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Authored by Dr. Daljeet
Published by Prakash Book Dept,
New Delhi, India

Dr. Daljeet, an eminent historian and scholar is currently the curator in-charge of the National Museum of India, New Delhi’s department of paintings. In the year 1999, she was asked by the Punjab Government to setup a special exhibit on Sikh Heritage at Anandpur Sahib to mark the tercentenary of the birth of the Khalsa. This book provides the full account of that exhibition.

It is a path-breaking attempt to collate the lives of the Sikh Gurus, their work, philosophies and their achievements. Exceptionally, Dr. Daljeet has added to this wealth of textual material, many works of arts and artifacts that develop the cultural content of Sikh Heritage through both words and pictures.

While briefly describing the Sikh history, Dr. Daljeet also throws light to the hymns in the Sikh Scriptures – Guru Granth Sahib and certain Sikh practices such as the Guru ka Langar or community kitchen through which the devout and the hungry are fed daily as a service to God.

Fully illustrated with rare miniature paintings and photographs of Sikh relics, the book is a visual treat.

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