The Sikh Wedding

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Authored by Dr. Mohinder Singh
Published by National Institute of Panjab Studies

Another book by the eminent historian Dr. Mohinder Singh, Director, National Institute of Panjab Studies, New Delhi in collaboration by India’s renowned photographer, Sondeep Shankar. The subject and title of the book “The Sikh Wedding” is an uncommon one, thus making this book a collector’s item.

The text of the book is based upon the Sikh Wedding Ceremonies as ordained in the Sikh Code of Conduct (Rehat Maryada) called the “Anand Karaj” Ceremony literally meaning Blissful Union. Colorful photographs depicting the various other cultural ceremonies connected to a Sikh Wedding add to the presentation.

The book is an ideal pre-marriage gift since it can help the family plan some unknown and uncommon fun filled ceremonies and customs!

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