The Warrior Princess 1

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By Harjit Singh

This is a unique collection of stories set in the 18th Century Punjab “The Land of the Five Rivers”. They are the adventures of ordinary Sikh women who lived in extraordinary times. Stories about people who sacrificed everything for freedom.

The “Lioness” travel through the dark forest with Ranjit Kaur as she goes on a dangerous mission to get information on the enemy’s battle plan. Does she make it back in one piece?

Follow the “Fighting Spirit” poem of the Khalsa Spy as she secretly maps out the location of her kidnapped sisters. Will she rescue them from a life of slavery?

When the Lion of Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh arrives late for battle,how does the “Heroic Nurse” Prem Kaur save the day?

And does the “Daughter of the Guru” Deep Kaur live to tell of her ferocious battle with Scarface?

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