The Warrior Princess 2

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Harjit Singh
Published by Sikh Heroes

These are 4 dramatized accounts of true stories , brought to life through the eyes of Sikh women. They will take you through one of the saddest times in Sikh history. In December 1705, Guru Gobind Singh was betrayed by the Emperor along with a former cook and worst of all by forty of his own Sikhs. The first story is called “The Siege” and shows how Guru Gobind Singh, his family and his Sikhs were trapped inside the Anandgarh Fort. Forty of the Sikhs deserted. Their story is completed in “The Fearless Leader” when Mai Bhago, a brave young woman changed their destiny.The rest of the Sikhs left with Guru Gobind Singh were attacked and separated. The tragic story of the Guru’s mother and his younger sons is told in “The Grandmother“. The heroic story of the older sons is told in “The Cremation“.

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