Our Story - The Sikh Foundation

The Sikh Foundation was founded in 1967 to promote the heritage and future of Sikhism. It is a non-profit non-political charitable organization (EIN: 23-703567).

The Foundation works to:

  • Pass on the essence of Sikh heritage to the growing Sikh diaspora in the west, particularly the youth.
  • Introduce to the world the progressive ethics, lyrical mysticism and heroism of the Sikhs.
  • Contribute Sikh perspective to issues of common human concern.
  • Generate the highest quality resources for the academic and artistic study of Sikhism.
  • Foster Sikh culture across the disciplines through the tradition of critical and creative thinking that gave birth to the Sikh faith.

Our Events

Our Projects

Inspire I Engage I Educate
Projects Sikh Art

Leading the display of Sikh Arts in museums all over the world

Projects Conservation

Aspiring to restore Sikh architectural heritage across India and Pakistan -IN PROGRESS

Projects Publications

Thirteen books & journals have been published starting 1967

Projects Sikh Studies

Established three Chairs of Sikh 
& Punjabi Language Studies, organized many conference

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The Boy with Long Hair

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Throwback to our 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The Sikh Foundation 50th