Classroom Presentations 3 of 3: Gurpurab Celebration

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Gurpurab Celebration with Keerith
Classroom Presentations:

Many of us are often given the opportunity to present our faith and community to the broader American community. Those of us having young children, have one such chance during the International Day, which is celebrated by many multicultural schools. Very often we don’t take this opportunity just because we are not sure how and what to present or maybe we don’t have the time to work on this ourselves.

The Singh Family, from New York, happily shares three presentations that they have created and used in their own children’s classrooms. You can either use this presentation as it is or better still take a cue from it and create your own by making it more personal.Kirpan

The final presentation, with the help of Keerith looks at Gurpurab – celebrated many times in the year. To view the complete presentation click here.

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Click here to view the first presentation in the series – The Patka

Click here to view the second presentation in the series – Gurpurab Celebration – Benunthi

Click here to view the third presentation in the series – Gurpurab Celebration – Keerith

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