Fighters for the Light

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Fighters for the LightImage Source:Gunmeet Singh Rainu

Fighters for the Light

With the Gurus always in their sight
Sikhs are fighters for the light

When the path is hard, when the road is long
Sikhs stay courageous, brave and strong
Remembering the Gurus and their sacrifice
Sikhs look to the Guru Granth for advice

When the going gets tough, with all their might
Sikhs are fighters for the light

When confusion ruled, when times were dark
Guru Nanak’s teachings lit the spark
One True God who lives in us all
Speak his Name and he will hear your call

Shaking off doubts and shining bright
Sikhs are fighters for the light

With the name of God on their mind
Sikhs stay generous, thoughtful and kind
Guru Gobind Singh fought for what is right
He never gave up no matter how dark the night

When hope seems lost, when others take flight
Sikhs are fighters for the light

Sikh-American Women on Love and LifeKaranvir Singh Bhasin

This inspiring poem composed by 11yr old Karanvir Singh Bhasin from California.His enjoys playing competitive Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Football. He is in 6th grade,excels in Math and enjoys French.

Karan adds ” I wrote the poem “Fighters For The Light”, when I entered a poetry competition for Sikh Children’s Day, at my local Gurudwara. Then when I made a movie with my sister for SikhNet, my poem inspired me.
I am proud to be a Sikh, growing up in America!?”

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