Plastic bags and bottles: No Thanks!

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Dear Jessi,

Reusable Cloth bag

Are you ready to take your next step towards green living? It is not a big change but the impact it will have on your life is huge and you will want to do it right now!

The sooner you start, the better this earth will be!

So, what is it?

It is easy- just say no to plastic bottles and plastic grocery (shopping) bags.


Because plastic bottles and bags pollute the earth, water and air, and they harm the little helpless creatures of our land.

Let me tell you how… but first, let me ask you…
Bird caught in a plastic bag
Do you know that Americans alone toss 22 billion empty plastic bottles in the trash every year, and that 500 billion plastic bags are consumed and discarded worldwide in a single year?

When we throw away those bottles and bags, they take many, many years to completely break down. Until then, they occupy the precious land in the form of litter and trash.

Most times this trash finds its way into the waterways and oceans. Little animals eat pieces of plastic bags or bottles. Over 100,000 birds, land and marine animals die each year either by suffocating from the bags or getting sick from eating the plastic.

And guess where all the toxins from the plastic end up?

In us!!

Those toxins get into our bodies through the water we drink and the food we eat (yes, through the fish too).

Oh, and by the way, some types of plastic bottles can be toxic while we use them even before they are thrown away. The government is starting to take certain types of plastic baby bottles out of the market because they contain bisphenol-A, a known toxin.

So what can you do to help yourself and mother nature?

Its simple! Just ask your parents to buy reusable shopping bags and only reusable light weight steel bottles, one for each member of your family.

And Bingo!!!!

You will save the earth from a lot of unnecessary trash. Not only that, you will help make the water less polluted in a very short time.

A few years ago, I bought my son a reusable light weight steel bottle. It was cute with a earth lover sign on it. He has since carried it to school, gym, trips, and games. It goes with him everywhere he goes. I have one of my own too. Over the last few years, just the two of us have saved our earth from thousands of bottles.

Reusable steel bottle

Imagine what all of us can do together! Here are simple tips that will help you reduce your usage of plastic bottles and bags.

  • BYOB (Bring your own bottle / bag)
  • If your family buys bottled water for regular use due to poor water quality in your area, switch to a good water filter system instead.
  • Substitute fruit juice (or soda) with a whole fruit. Not only do you save the environment, you get additional fiber along with all the natural vitamins and minerals that the pasteurization of juice kills. This is much better for your teeth too, and you don’t get all those bad chemicals that get put into packaged juice.
  • If you play sports, buy powdered electrolytes and mix in your water bottle instead of buying a Gatorade bottle.
  • If you must use a plastic bottle for water occasionally, please recycle it.
  • Put the reusable shopping bags back in the car right after the groceries are carried into the house. That way they will be there for the next time.

Remember, we are ultimately responsible for keeping our environment clean and beautiful – not only our homes and Gurudwaras, but also the air, water and earth.

Guru Ji says


So, dear Jessi, won’t you take your little step and do your part in saving our wonderful mother nature ?

Yours truly,

Gurmeet Aunty

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