Spot 5 Differences – Kapany Collection p2 1-4

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Flash game so a PC is Required
Select an image, and find the 5 differences on the right side!. The images for these puzzles are from the Kapany Collection
We hope you enjoy!

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According to tradition, when Guru Nanak was a young man his father once gave him money for some business transactions. Instead of using the money as instructed, Nanak spent it all on food for a group of holy men. The incident, known as the Good Bargain, is the subject of this work. Guru Nanak, seated at the center of the painting and accompanied by a companion, greets a holy man known as Sant Ren. Surrounding these three figures are numerous followers of Sant Ren, all identified as ascetics by their long hair and simple loincloths.

The style of the painting, showing outlined figures with distinctive facial features, can be traced to Murshidabad (in modern West Bengal state). The tenth guru, Gobind Singh (1675-1708), was born in the region, which became home to several Sikh communities.

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