Sikh Awareness Month

California State Legislature has declared November 2014 as Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month. California is home to half the nation’s Sikh population and although Sikhs have been living in America for over 100 years, we still have a lot of work to do around education and awareness building. We encourage the Sikh community in California to join the Sikh Coalition in raising awareness about the Sikh faith and identity. There are several ways to get involved this month.

· Order a “Who are the Sikhs” poster to display in your local school, library or office at work.

· Arrange for a Sikh Awareness presentation to be delivered to your child’s classroom or school.

· Work with your local City Council or school district to pass their own Sikh Awareness and Appreciation resolution.

· Ask your local library to host an event or put up a display table about Sikh Americans.

· Organize a community film screening.

Sikh Awareness month materials are available for free from the Sikh Coalition. For more information and ideas of how to get involved this month, email or go to:

Sikh Awareness Month



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