CBS 5 Hosts The Sikh Foundation

MOSAIC – CBS 5: Sikhs in Bay Area

This show was aired by CBS 5 San Francisco Bay Area on their program MOSAIC featuring Dr. N.S Kapany and Ms. Sonia Dhami of the Sikh Foundation, Palo Alto CA., in conversation with Dr. Hugh Burroughs. This half hour talk show introduces the basic tenets of the Sikh faith as well as brings to focus the long history of Sikhs in the West. During the conversation we touched upon many positive aspects of the Sikh community in the Bay Area e.g., the contributions of Sikhs to business and commerce in California, the social services of the local gurudwaras etc. The show is an opportunity for us to outreach to our wider American family. We thank Dr. Burroughs for extending us this invitation.

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