Learning More – Dr. Mohinder Singh

By Jacqueline Smith

Today we had a speaker talk to us about resilience, honesty, hard work and keeping your own identity intact.

It is easy to forget how similar we are, how much we need to help each other and how easy it is to think “me first”. Dr. Singh tells a story about learning his values from his Grandmother: don’t live in debt and don’t die in debt. Being displaced from his home when Pakistan split with India he started his life adventures very early indeed. As a young boy of 5 it didn’t make much sense, but he survived the perilous train trip and a river crossing in a bucket and learned to re-build his life. This particular attribute would serve him well – during times of poverty, of disrespect or wondering what was next. He has a lovely quality of acceptance, happiness and kindness, and I know that ALL of this is possible with his most basic goal of HARD WORK.

Learning More – Dr. Mohinder SinghGuru Granth Sahib: The Guru Eternal by Dr. Mohinder Singh

Dr. Singh discusses the history of his home and country, but he doesn’t stay in the past very long. He asks how we feel about the recent killings in Orlando, FL? He quietly tells us about the Ideology of Hate. It is more than that murdering man, it is the training of our world, of our country, the hate that is given so much room to operate. We get to consider how it can be different. He talks to us of how a bit of sugar doesn’t add volume to a drink, which is reintroduced as the idea that a petal of jasmine with milk makes it sweeter. I am reminded that we can choose (at least sometimes) to make our lives sweeter. To really look at people and see beneath status, color, clothes, us vs. them….

It’s a great talk, an hour is certainly not enough. He shows us a book he has authored on his religion, Sikh. It is beautiful with photos of temples, people, gatherings. It is an inspired book a blend of English text, glorious pictures that are stories in themselves and pages that look like rich fabric, even though they are paper. The best photo is a large group of people eating together, they are all seated on the ground. The food is nicely prepared and the same for all. My new friend Jyothi explains that the Sikh religion doesn’t divide people into groups but honors all of them. It is a beautiful and well-spent hour.

About Dr. Singh

Learning More – Dr. Mohinder SinghDr Mohinder Singh – Photo Courtesy of Jeel-Marie Plenos

Dr Mohinder Singh is a Professor of Eminence in the Department of Punjab Historical Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala and Director of National Institute of Panjab Studies, Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi. He is author of several standard works on Sikh history and religion and sits on Advisory Boards of several international organizations. Dr. Singh has been representing Sikh religion in various international interfaith meetings and had the privilege of audience with Queen Elizabeth II, Archbishop of Canterbury, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and recently with Pope Francis in the Vatican. He also has the privilege of audience with Pranab Mukherjee, President of India and Dr Manmohan Singh, Ex-Prime Minister of India.

Guru Granth Sahib: The Guru Eternal is the title of the book shown above – More info on the book – Sikh Foundation, 580 College Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306, Phone (650) 494-7454, Fax (650) 494-3316, Email: info@sikhfoundation.org

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