New Year’s Inspiration from Prof Puran Singh

Prof. Puran Singh

I call you to become greatest, noblest, broad hearted individuals; be perfect as gods and as full of love and light and song as the angels. And first of all, be individuals strong and powerful, free and beautiful like the pole-star, that you may shine with the name of the Guru, and make your memory holy with His Name. 

Let your lips utter the songs of His glory, your feet be creative of the beauty of journeying to the Guru, your hands be of service of Him, your heart full of love for Him, and may your city, country and world be filled with the glory of Nam. 

And be you song-strung, name-strung, and passion-strung as the harps of God, striking the music that may awaken the memory of the Beautiful. 

And then I call you to form the Sangat, the whole humanity of the saints of Simrin, of the Guru’s Nam. 

May the galaxy of the saints of God on this earth, from among you, shine as soul-stars in the inner firmament of the soul-consciousness of man forever, pulling him upward, Guru-ward, God-ward. 

I call you to form the Saviour-people, the Khalsa, the Guru’s own, the fragrant companionship of the Knights of Heaven. 

One disciple thus may become armies, multitudes, shining and burning with Nam, brimming over with love this is my Khalsa. This is my Akali armies, the host of my Knights of Heaven. 

And let the Heavens march you in firm step with the whole infinite system of the Guru’s great cosmic love. 

And all shall stand on the roadside and with parted lips look up to you and say, this is the Guru’s Khalsa! 

Rise then, you disciples, one in the multitude, and the multitude in one, as the hope of all humanity. 

Rise as a host of messiahs and overwhelm the hosts of darkness, hatred and revenge; and free man from the misery of his little self both here and the hereafter. 

By Prof. Puran Singh – Spirit of a Sikh, Part 2


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