Sikh Turban/Beard Inspired Collection Jean Paul Gaultier

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Designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s love for the subcontinent reflects in his womenswear collections from time to time.

Like Gaultier, Sikhs and Punjab, as well as the subcontinent, have been an inspiration to many international design houses and with time, the Sikh/Punjabi image has also carved out a significant spot for itself on the global fashion map.

The renowned designer’s use of sari gowns, traditional Indian colours and fabrics and stylised lambskin jodhpurs has already evoked rave reviews in the fashion world.

And with his spring/summer 2013 menswear collection which was showcased in Paris on Thursday, June 28, 2012, Gaultier of Hermès proved that his love for Punjabi style and the subcontinent is no fleeting romance.

Dressing up his models in Sikh-styled turbans, teamed with various ensembles such as shorts, blazers, tuxedos, T-shirts and overcoats, Gaultier paid a rich tribute once more to the land of many cultures and colours.

The collection was inspired by the travel theme, presenting a globe-trotting fashionable man who understands the very essence of travelling that is cultivating a bigger understanding and respect for various cultures.

He then reflects the same in his wardrobe and style. Talking about his subcontinental connect, Gaultier had said in an interview recently: ‘In every collection I have done, there is always an Indian inspiration.’

The designer is known to visit the country quite often and owns a vast library of intensely coloured textile swatches here since his first visit to Kolkata in West Bengal and Puri in Orissa, in the 1970s.

[Courtesy: Daily Mail. edit]



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